Saturday, 17 May 2014

Pope Francis to Visit Israel - is there a political agenda?

What is the Pope’s political agenda in coming to Israel?
And don’t tell me he doesn’t have one.
The papal political targets crowd the historical timeline.
The Papal See’s official spiritual stand shouldn’t be treated lightly:
No pope wishes to enter the celestial spheres without leaving his imprint on world history.
And now it's time to get to know "God's Elect" 

A newly elected Pope makes a historic decision in the wake of the world’s worst terrorist outrage. He will share the Vatican’s oldest secret with Israel’s Chief Rabbi. On Jerusalem’s Temple Mount masses demonstrate for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. What could stop them if the Temple Treasures, looted two thousand years ago by Rome’s triumphant Roman general Titus, really have come to light? Yet nothing is as it seems. Behind this new Pope’s statesmanlike gesture lies a sinister plot hatched by a fanatical sect. Unsuspected and seemingly unstoppable, this sect worms its way into the heart of Christendom determined to change the fate of the world. Behind these events stands a clash of civilizations now teetering on the brink of war. Menaced on all sides by hostile Islamic states and in fear of nuclear attack, Israel has to decide whether to co-operate with the papacy – even as suspicions mount that each side is as diabolical and deceptive as the other.

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